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IT Marketing and Fashion – Both are Worth the Investment

How many times have you thought you were getting a great deal on a fashion piece only to realize after the first wear that the quality is shabby? In the fashion industry, a new trend is becoming popular: fast fashion. Fast fashion is a term used to describe items of clothing that are quickly and cheaply mass produced in order to capture the latest runway fashion trends. After one or two wears, the piece is either out of style or falls apart. These pieces quickly go to clearance if left in the stores too long. However, the more expensive brands show better quality and lasting power. Sure, you may be paying for the name but normally these higher priced brands have a higher standard when it comes to the quality of manufacturing. The same goes for your IT marketing.


Cheap IT Marketing Doesn’t Work

Like fast fashion, fast marketing looks and feels cheap. Normally inexpensive marketing looks hastily put together and amateur. It’s hard to take a respected business seriously when the marketing isn’t top quality. The worst thing about cheap IT marketing? People can tell you didn’t care much about how you or your brand is represented. The way you market your company speaks volumes to the type of business acumen prospects will view you having. Many cheap IT marketing tactics use templates to do everything from build websites to design business cards. Like fashion, most inexpensive marketing capitalizes on the latest trends, choosing design over functionality. Sadly, they become outdated as quickly, unable to last the test of time.


Investing In Higher Quality IT Marketing Shows

When you invest in your fashion, it shows. You gain more garments that are interchangeable, able to withstand season after season of wear without being outdated or falling apart. Those are called “basics.” They include a black heel, a pencil skirt, a white dress shirt; they are timeless. Investing in your IT marketing is timeless as well.  By investing top dollar in your marketing efforts, you’re showing your clients that you value the image your company displays and only want the top clients doing business with you.


Is Your Marketing H&M Or Prada Quality?

There’s a good way to tell how effective your marketing is: look at the lead quality. Are you getting leads who convert into clients or are you wasting your time spinning your wheels on unqualified leads? If you’re seeing more of the latter, it’s possible your marketing is not the best quality IT marketing you can buy. Maybe your website looks like every other website out there or your print ads are shoddy. The solution is simple: stop buying cheap marketing. Invest in a marketing agency that gives you stellar marketing materials to bring in more leads. TRIdigital can help up your marketing from H&M to Prada quality.


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