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Ipro Media

Richie Bell | President

“TRIdigital is passionate about marketing as my team is about technology.”

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Jakobus Koorts | Owner

“I had a great time meeting everyone in person. I felt like the meeting was very productive.”

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Affinity IT Group

Rick Tetreau | President

“Our top compliment: Your understanding of Managed Services and how to create content and materials suited to what we do and who we are. There are many other compliments but that is #1.

Thank you for everything you have done for us. We are looking forward to a long relationship between Affinity IT Group and TRIdigital.”

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Dynamic Business Technologies

Nathan Franks | MD

“It takes a marketing team with balls to start the conversation with metrics and committing to an outcome before you even know who we are. To say that we had an amazing alignment is a understatement, it felt like the team just got us, that we are twin companies separated at incorporation. Look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with the occasional visit across the pond!”

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Preferred Technology Solutions

Julia McKinney | Consultant

“I can’t ask for a better company to work with. I am learning more and more about the amazing processes and tools that TRIdigital has established for Preferred Technology.

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Centre Technologies

Jakobus Koorts | Owner

“Everyone at TRIdigital is a pleasure to work with. They are exceptionally creative, hardworking and are passionate about their clients and marketing as a whole.”

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PCX Technologies

Ken Reichardt | CEO

“Just wrapped up our on-boarding meeting at this point but I left very excited about the possibilities for the future. I’ve shared my experience with the entire company and everyone, especially my sales resources are extremely excited and optimistic. Everyone is rallied around our relationship with TRIdigital and our Marketing/Sales initiative.”

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Bret Costelow | Dir. of North America Sales

“The results were outstanding. Many of the MSP’s leveraged TRIdigital’s marketing services immediately and began generating leads and closing more sales.Some of our MSP’s doubled and even tripled their sales output within the first 90 days. We would also recommend TRIdigital to any vendor and MSP looking to improve the marketing and sales performance of their reseller part”.


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