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Our Journal.

Three Key IT Marketing Lessons from Dory

Summer is all about fun in the sun, family and big summer blockbusters. Thirteen years after Dory helped Marlin find Nemo (yes, its been that long!), Dory remembers she has a family, and she has to find them! Finding Dory arrived just in time to help teach us some valuable business lessons in the area of IT Marketing. Who knew we could learn so much from one determined little fish?  

Lesson 1: Bad IT Marketing Doesn’t have to Define You

In the movie, we encounter an octopus with only seven tentacles, a near-sighted whale, a beluga whale with not so sharp echolocation, let’s not forget about Dory’s pal, Nemo, the little clown fish with a “bad fin”, and of course there’s Dory, the little blue fish with short-term memory loss. They teach us that disabilities don’t have to define us! IT Marketing can  be complicated, difficult to understand, expensive, and if not done correctly, it can become a business disability. You see, all of the characters in Finding Dory accomplished their mission in spite of their disabilities because they had lots of help along the way. Each character was able to offer a different set of strengths to help Dory find her family.

Lesson 2: The Right Kind of Support Pays off

Finding Dory teaches us how crucial the right kind of support can be. Her parents worked really hard when she was very young to teach her valuable lessons that could guide her if she ever got lost. It was those lessons she learned early on that kept her alive all those years and helped her find her way home so many years later. Everyone is different, everyone learns differently, everyone does business differently, every business has a different culture. The key to success is to embrace your differences and figure out what works best for you by hiring a Marketing company that understands you and can guide you. There are lots of Marketing companies offering cookie cutter services, but how can your company succeed when they’re using the same marketing strategy for your IT business and the bakery down the street?

Lesson 3: Just Keep Swimming…

Dory teaches us about fortitude and positivity, two attributes that every business owner should have to find success. We hear ya’, IT marketing just doesn’t work, it’s hard, it’s a waste of resources. To that we say, it can be but it doesn’t have to be that way…Just keep swimming!

What would Dory do?

The next time you catch yourself frustrated with your IT Marketing efforts, ask yourself…What would Dory do? She just might ask TRIdigital for help!


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