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3 Awesome IT Marketing Tips Learned from the Cast of The Office

The Office is just one of those TV shows that you get addicted to.

So if you’re like me (and countless others), you were devastated when it ended after nearly a decade on the air.

No more laughing at Dwight’s rudeness and absurdity. No more fawning over Jim and Pam’s enviable but realistic relationship. No more annoyingly lovable Michael Scott.

It’s sad to think about. But don’t get too upset – there are some important IT marketing lessons you can take away from the cast of the show!


Jim Halpert. He’s proactive.

When Jim couldn’t have Pam, he still went after her and, eventually, won her heart. When he didn’t like his job at Dunder Mifflin, he took the initiative to get a job doing something he was truly passionate about.

Jim’s kind of a quiet guy, but he’s never passive about getting what he wants.

You’ve got to be proactive like Jim when it comes to your company’s IT marketing.

Think for a second – what are the goals you’ve set for your business, and how can you craft your marketing materials to accomplish those goals? If you are always thinking ahead, you’ll be able to get ahead of your competition.

You can’t let your marketing fall low on the priority list just because you’re “too busy” to do it. Think about it this way – are you really too busy to do something that will help your company succeed? Marketing is an important aspect of your business that can make or break you in your industry, so treat it that way.

Don’t make the mistake of standing by and letting competitors go after your clients. Be proactive.


Stanley Hudson. He’s painfully honest with himself.

…And he’s pretty grumpy too. Terrifyingly grumpy.

Don’t be as grumpy as Stanley in your marketing – you don’t want to scare your customers off. But do be painfully honest with yourself when it comes to assessing your company.

You might think you’ve got the best product, the best IT marketing, and the best website. But wait – are you really analyzing everything objectively?

Let’s face it. Every single business owner in your market thinks that their company is the best. Being 100% honest with yourself is the only way to understand your weaknesses as a company and truly make improvements.


Creed Bratton. He’s weird. And he doesn’t hide it.

And when I say Creed is weird, that’s probably an understatement. He’s just plain creepy. Lots of the things he says make him seem like he’s not “all there.” I mean – he was a hippie musician as a young adult, so what do you expect?

While you shouldn’t come off as a creepy, weird old man to your clients, you should try to come off as weird in your own way.

Let me explain. Any company can talk about how much experience they have, how great their products are, and a bunch of other stuff that clients don’t really care about. Find something weird about your company that you can use to draw people in. You don’t really need to appeal to absolutely everyone – you need to find the people who love you for who you are. Then, work on appealing to that audience even more.

Companies that have the best branding tend to have a strong but unusual persona – and it draws people in because it’s different. People browsing the Internet are constantly bombarded with cheesy ads and boring sales text. Don’t become another faceless business in the crowd. Set yourself apart. Be weird.

… So, can you think of any more marketing tips learned from the cast of The Office? Let us know in the comments below.

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