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Top 10 Sales Tips for MSPs

Not everyone is a natural salesperson, especially those who are more technically inclined. You know the jargon, how the solutions work, and you know that your solutions and support are far more superior than all your competitors’.

So why don’t your revenue numbers convey what you know about your business?

Maybe you just need a few sales tips to help close some deals. Lucky you, we have 10 specifically for MSPs.

1. Be Aware Of Your Body Language

Smile and be excited about the opportunity to interact with a new client. Look them in the eye when talking or listening. They will feel heard by your body language, regardless of what you are saying. Don’t cross your arms or put your hands on your face. You’ll come across as disinterested. This may sound arbitrary, but even the most seasoned sales professional can neglect to realize what their bodies may be saying on their behalf. Even if you are just selling over the phone, people can hear your temperament.

2. Bring Excitement To The Table

Ever have a teacher who hated her job? She never said anything, but the way she carried herself and taught class was just such a downer. On the other side, most people have experienced working with a passionate leader. Passion is contagious. So contagious in fact that it will help you sell. Jargon and technical details have their place in sales communications, but passion should be running through you like lightning.

3. Listen… Then Talk

Our current society is so connected and fast-paced that we created social media platforms just so we can blast our thoughts to millions at a moments notice. During a sales conversation is the right time to hold back a little. Not letting someone finish their thought by interjecting with an answer to the question you think the prospect is asking is not good – not good at all. Not everyone is good with words. Let them finish their thought completely and even let a little bit of air sit before you dive into your lengthy response. They will feel more comfortable knowing that you are at ease enough to let there be silence in the conversation, but more so that you actually care about what they have to say.

4. Keep It Light

Be humorous. Crack wise a couple of times. Show them that you are human like them and not solely focused on extracting the maximum amount of money out of their budget. Keeping it breezy will help you build a better rapport and open up the gate for more meaningful conversations around life, dreams, and hopefully IT solutions.

5. Speak Clearly And Directly

Short sentences are better. You want the prospect or client to be able to make quick natural decisions. Cluttering it up with two part questions or a weird allusion to Bill Gates will make them confused and hesitant. Clear communication will take you far not just in sales but in life. Confusion leads to drama so be clear and direct. Be sure to annunciate and speak directly to a group or person.

6. Exude Confidence

Put on that suit you feel most confident in. Practice your sales pitch in that suit. Make that suit your Iron Man suit. When you have it on you are James Bond, Abraham Lincoln, and Michael Jordan all at once. Keep tapping into that mindset and soon enough you’ll find yourself selling to the C-suite like a pro. People will feel your confidence and trust it.

7. Tell The Truth

Don’t make things up! Some people have perfect memories and will call you out or simply not do business with you if you say conflicting statements. If you do not know the answer to a question, be confident in your knowledge. Say you don’t know the answer but are excited to figure it out! (Honestly, you should be. Not knowing all relevant information in a meeting is a big no-no.)

8. Know The Details, Part 1 – The Solutions

If you are going to sell something, knowledge is critical. You could be the most charismatic person of all time, but if you don’t know what exactly you are selling and why it is valuable to your target audience, you should do something else. You need to know all the technical, financial, operational, and time-related details tied to your offerings. The client needs to trust you, not trust that you know how to use Google.

9. Know The Details, Part 2 – The Client

Use LinkedIn to research their work history and passions. Do your research on the people you will be selling to and on the company as a whole. If time allows, do competitive analysis to see who they are working against. Knowing that level of information will impress and open up short-cuts to different conversations. Effortlessly relating to other people is the tell of a true sales expert.

10. Never Stop Learning

There are COUNTLESS approaches to sales. Each is effective in their own way, but every sales interaction, every person, every solution is different. Knowing this, never stop learning. Social norms, the economy, the political landscape, the solutions… really everything is in a constant state of flux. In order to stay on top of your game as a sales professional, you need to always be learning and adapting along with the times.

Want More Advice?

Reach out to us! These are just few broad tips. Sitting down with one of our consultants for an hour could change your life – and your business.


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