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Why Writing Great About Us & Page Content Matters for Your Business

The one area of your business website that provides you the most opportunity for visitors to get to know you, your business, and to simply learn about your story is on the ‘About Us’ page and the page content.

Unfortunately, the ‘About Us’ page content on websites is often overlooked as a vital tool that can be used to convert more prospects into clients, visitors into sales, and so forth. Even when a company’s ‘About Us’ page isn’t overlooked the content on that page often misses the mark.

For example, the content will either focus on ugly blocks of information that doesn’t flow together and leaves the reader confused and disengaged, or there simply won’t be enough content going on that adds any real value to the page.

If you want your company’s ‘About Us’ page to really work, you will need to answer crucial questions that matter to visitors – and no, that question doesn’t have anything to do with how long you’ve been in business or your years of personal experience.

Here are 3 tips to crafting an ‘About Us’ page that can work for your website.

1. There’s a Story

You have an opportunity to allow people to really get to know who you are, your business, the people behind it – the why’s, how’s, and what’s of what and why you do things.

Talking about the motivation for starting the business, what drives you to succeed and help others are

just as important as telling people how much your services costs and what you do.

Be sure to include photos, relevant achievements, and list a few of the biggest accomplishments of the company into your page content to help add credibility and personality.

2. Show Some Personality

Don’t be that faceless corporate machine in your ‘About Us’ page. People want to do business with people and highlighting the personality and culture of your company and the people that work there is key to making that human connection with others.

Pretend you’re having a conversation with a friend when writing your ‘About Us’ page and don’t be shy. Show off something more than boring professional cropped headshots where no one is smiling and the backgrounds are all boring and look the same.

Showing personality can help you cross that great divide that is the internet and allow others to feel as if they’ve connected with you in some way. Google is well known for being one of those fun companies. TRIdigital Marketing likes to have fun too, so check out our ‘About Us’ page if you need some inspiration.

3. Don’t Bury It

How many times have you visited a company website and found it difficult to learn more about the company and the people running it? What about contact information?

Don’t treat your ‘About Us’ page as some redheaded stepchild by locking it away in a closet or basement on your website. It’s a critical piece of content that should be easy to find for prospects and clients alike.

It should also be noted that ‘About Us’ pages are some of the most frequently visited pages on company websites.

(No redheaded stepchildren were harmed in the making of this blog)


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