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Our Journal.

TRIdigital Marketing - The Story of Our New Logo

This is the story of a logo. A logo that once was and now is. A logo that tells the tale of an IT marketing agency that pushes boundaries and creates beautiful stories.

So sit back. Relax. And let me share our rebrand story with you. And who knows …? You might just learn a little something about marketing in the process.

Why a new logo?

For starters, the “Tri” in TRIdigital stands for something very important to us. It means “Team Rendered Innovations.” In other words, we’re all about creating something special and unique … but as a team. Our previous logo did this no justice. It almost appeared as if the T, R, and I were separate pieces of one logo. This needed to be adjusted.

Secondly, when you look at our old logo in a group of other logos (say for example, on a website listing vendors), it’s hardly noticeable. In fact, it’s barely discernable. Since the logo was all text (and rectangular), whenever it was displayed at a smaller size (or on social media), you couldn’t even read it. This was clearly problematic.

Lastly, while we loved our old logo, we’ve grown significantly as a company – from two men working out of a garage to a team of 34 talented artists in a legit office building. We’re very proud of what we can do, and we want the industry to know what we’re capable of. Our previous logo was not accomplishing this any more.

What did we want out of a new logo?

We knew we had to change our logo. That much was obvious. But what exactly did we want to accomplish with this new logo?

Well, there were a variety of things we wanted our new logo to portray, but the most important thing to us was this:

We wanted to break the rules.

We break eggs. We push boundaries. And we do things that aren’t considered “normal.” This is how we’ve managed to become the best IT marketing agency you can find, so it was important to us that our logo test the waters, as well. And we knew just the way to do this.

A traditional logo comes equipped with a brand guide. Within this brand guide, the logo will be limited to a specific set of colors, sizes, renderings, etc. We didn’t want that. We decided to go a different route and build a logo that wasn’t limited by color or background.

To pull this off, our designers tested and retested a series of logos with different colors and backgrounds. We wanted to make sure that whatever logo we decided to go with would still look like our logo no matter what was behind it or what color created it.

This versatility would give us the freedom to be creative and to break all the rules but to do so in a professional manner. Sort of like how technology works.

We had our logo, but it needed more.

After many tears and drawing-induced nightmares, our designers finally had something we could work with. But it wasn’t complete yet. We had the makings of a good logo … sure. But we felt it was important to incorporate one of our core values:

To think outside the box

We had the box already. All we had to do was add something to the logo that would clearly showcase our free thinking and borderless thought process, yet still depict our clean and innovative content, design, and education. While this seems difficult enough, the best solution is often the simplest solution.

What did we learn during this process?

We certainly know that we aren’t perfect. I mean, one of our core values is to break eggs. This being said, our rebrand most definitely did not come free of mistakes. But anyone should expect this much. However, we did learn something important along the way.

Once we decided to incorporate our core values into our logo, something magical happened. Something so magical that even Harry Potter himself would rub his scar in fear of the greatness that presented itself before him.

Our logo became our logo.

We believe that if you truly want your marketing to work for you, then you need to make it about your company and its story and not just about what works and what doesn’t work. While marketing trends change over time, how your company became your company does not. Figure out your story, and you can take your business further.

Looking to rebrand your IT company? Need help to figure out your story? We’ve got your back. We work with IT companies and technology vendors from all over the world. We help these companies rebrand, build new websites, market their solutions, and acquire hundreds of new leads. Shoot us a message or give us a call today. We’d love to chat about marketing with you.


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