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Three Lessons That Friends Taught Us About Marketing

Friends ended over 10 years ago, but we still love it and binge watch it as often as possible…wouldn’t it be nice if your company was that successful? Well, it can be with the right marketing strategy.

Let’s discuss the top 3 marketing lessons I learned from watching Friends.

Lesson #1: Never Cheat

When Ross and Rachel were “on a break,” Ross cheated on her with that dim-sided girl from the copy place. Don’t cheat on good marketing strategies by taking the easy way out. No Ross, even while “on a break” it is not acceptable to cheat – and your business shouldn’t either. Don’t cheat your business out of its success by going cheap on the marketing. Good marketing equates to success…bad marketing or no marketing at all will end up catching up to you later, kinda like how Rachel found out Ross cheated on her and then broke it off completely – don’t let this happen to you with your customers! With the right marketing strategy, you and your customers will have a healthy relationship that makes you both successful.

Lesson #2: Be Innovative

Remember when Joey was writing his speech for Monica and Chandler’s wedding and he basically just kept repeating, “to give and receive, to be receiving and giving?” Well, that not only drove Monica and Chandler crazy, but it made Joey seem like had no idea what he was talking about. When marketing your business or your product, don’t say the same thing in the same way over and over. Be creative – find new ways to tell people who you are, what you do, and how you do it. The greatest gift you can give your customers is not making them listen to your incessant and repetitive marketing mantras. Keep things fresh – this is 2015!

Lesson #3: Keep Up With Trends

Every season Rachel had a new ‘do and she was constantly keeping up with the latest trends and fashions. Your company has got to keep up in order to compete with others in your industry. If you play it safe and never change, how will you ever make your company better? Avoid being boring – especially when it comes to your company’s marketing. With technology changing how marketing works, you’ll want your company to be “in style” and that requires trying new things, just like Rachel did with her hair! Try new things and you just might be surprised – I mean Rachel did land Paolo, didn’t she?

Can You Think Of Anything Else Friends Has Taught You About Marketing? Let Us Know In The Comments Below!


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