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How to Write Effective Marketing Content

In order for marketing content to be effective, the message needs to reach your target audience. The message should tell a prospective client what you do and why they should do business with you. The most effective marketing content will keep the readers engaged and prompt them to take action.

Define your Marketing Goals

Knowing what the results are that you expect from the message being delivered is the first step in how to write effective marketing content. Perhaps your goal is to obtain new customers, maybe it’s to retain current clients, or it might be to get current clients to switch to a different product or service. Whatever the case, be clear what your purpose is before you create your marketing content.

Jot down some key points that you want your message to cover. Consider perhaps how your business stands out from the competition. If you aren’t sure, do some research into other companies that offer similar products or services to figure out how you are different from your competitors. Find out as much as you can about the industry and the trends that could affect your sales.

Think about what you would want to know if you were reading your content. What questions would you have? If you don’t know what your customers want to know, visit some forums that center on topics your demographic will be concerned with. Find out about the complaints they have about products like yours, and consider how to turn that into a positive message.

Remember Your Readers

Effective marketing content isn’t about the person who writes it- it’s about the person who reads it. Even if you’ve said everything you want people to know about your business, readers won’t stick around to read it if the experience isn’t a positive one.

In today’s society, the expectation of instant information and an immediate response has changed how companies use content marketing. Mobile phones are owned by about 87 percent of the world’s population, and many people use them for multiple forms of communication. Consider how to market to this fast paced, short attention span generation. Remember that your marketing might be seen across multiple platforms, but most probably on a mobile device, keep the message and the font mobile-friendly – with a text size of 15 points.

Be Creative

Besides the wide reach of the marketing content you publish online, perhaps its best aspect is how many different types there are. Landing pages that will bring in search engine traffic are just the beginning. You can blog about your business, making every post a customer-focused piece of marketing. You can create guest posts on other blogs, write press releases to generate excitement and write articles that will build links to your business site.

To reach a wide audience, consider creating many different types of content. You can even create a free ebook or report that will give your readers in-depth information about many aspects of your business. An email newsletter is a particularly valuable form of marketing.

When you’ve written your content, give it a final read and see if there are any spots where your attention wavers. If you find that there are parts of the piece that are less than dynamic, trim the content. A shorter piece that grabs and holds attention is always better than a longer one that gets ignored.


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