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Eeyore’s Advice to Technical Copywriters

A technical copywriter’s main objective is to increase a potential client’s interest by describing a product or service in a well written way. Technical writing is meant to educate and inform. It is not meant for entertainment purposes or humor. It is matter-of-fact and completely objective. This matter-of-fact writing brings some challenges that might deter a writer from being constantly upbeat. Technical writers who are often under scrutiny can get discouraged, glum, sarcastic, or pessimistic – much like Eeyore who feels like he really understands everything but doesn’t feel understood. Eeyore is one of the most dependable characters in the Hundred Acre Woods. He is quite insightful and the one you can lean on when things get difficult. Businesses depend on technical writers to research difficult information in order to accurately and precisely summarize it. Although Eeyore is misunderstood, he is arguably the wisest and most down to earth resident of the Hundred Acre Woods. And he has some advice to give technical copywriters.

Eeyore’s Tail

Technical writers can lose their heads as often as Eeyore loses his tail. Eeyore’s grumpiness attributes to the fact that his tail is attached to his bottom with a pushpin and is constantly falling off. A constant challenge technical writers face is the difficulty to form new ideas for the same products and services. Many deal with writer’s block which is extremely dangerous and will halt the creative process and possible end a writer’s career.

Here are few tips Eeyore suggests to overcome writer’s block:

  • Take time to physically rest. Don’t over-stress yourself.

  • Exercise regularly. Good and frequent exercise gets the blood flowing to the brain.

  • Know when to give your brain a rest instead of overexerting it.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Eeyore’s Wisdom for Technical Copywriters

Eeyore was the first of his friends to understand that bravery comes from the inside and not from the number of adventures you go on. You have to be strong enough on the inside to be able to deal with the setbacks as a writer. With constant edits and dismissals, it can become disheartening. Failure and fear of rejection will hold you back. If you’re too sensitive to rejection or criticism you won’t be able to grow as a writer.

Even though technical writers might feel misunderstood and as if their work doesn’t quite live up to the premeditated glitz and glamour of a copywriter, they should reference Eeyore and consider changing the way they perceive their work.

“Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them.” – Eeyore

Not everyone will recognize the stress that comes with technical copywriting but Eeyore acknowledges the struggle.

“To the uneducated, an A is just three sticks.” – Eeyore

Even if technical copywriting might seem mundane and tedious, don’t forget the positives that come from pursuing a career you love. You are constantly learning and informing others of the knowledge you possess. Use your research and ideas to push forward and stop moping around!


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