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Our Journal.

6 things we remember the most about Dattocon 2017

So yeah, Dattocon happened. We learned a lot, accomplished a lot, and met a lot of people. Basically, a lot went down. But what about that “a lot” do we remember the most …? Well, for starters…

The Cool Kids Hang Out In The Basement.

Datto was born in a basement. Back then, there were only two Datto enthusiasts, equipped with big brains and some big ideas. Fast forward 10 years, and there are now 800 Datto employees, creating too-good-to-be-true products and pulling off extraordinary events in a too-cool-for-school fashion.

In a way, TRIdigital can relate. Sure, we don’t have 800 employees. And sure, we aren’t hosting industry-wide events. But when we were just a baby, there were only two of us. Working out of a garage. Equipped with some mediocre brains. And sporting some pretty great ideas.

Fast forward three years, and there are now 34 of us, building superhero-like marketing collateral and pushing the creative boundaries we all know and trust.

Dolla Dolla Bills Y’all.

Who always be closing? You always be closing.

That’s right.


Or at least that’s Datto’s ultimate goal. They’ve created a comprehensive sales kit that anyone can use and anyone can gain access to simply by emailing And yup, you guessed it. The “abc” does in fact stand for “always be closing.”

Email and you’ll receive a complete sales process in return – which includes a resource library, disaster demo, RTO calculator, and BDR assessment tool. Datto basically did your job for you.

Hot And Bothered Over Instant BMR.

New features and products are always exciting, especially when they’re super nerdy like the ones announced during Dattocon. One of our personal favorites would probably have to be the introduction of instant BMR.

This bad boy allows your team to copy the backup image in the virtual environment to the restored server (or new production server), all while the virtual environment is still running. It even updates data migration in progress with the newest data from the snapshots it takes every 15 minutes. They demoed this feature live for us during Dattocon, and the only downtime we noticed was the time it took to reboot the server.

In other words, no more data migration projects over the weekend.

You can head for that cold shower now. We’ll be here when you get back.

The Dattocon Afterparties Are Ree-Dic-You-Luss.

In a good way.

Market Now With … Uh … MarketNow.

What’s better than well done marketing content? Well done marketing content that’s created for you. And Datto gets this. This is why they’ve created MarketNow, a centralized marketing platform that’s packed full of templated, Datto-based marketing material.

From MarketNow, you can launch, track, and monitor co-branded emails, view leads ranked by activity and engagement level, use custom-built infographics, presentations, and brochures, and syndicate web and social media content.

Now, go back and reread that sentence without coming up for air.

Can We Be Best Friends?

Sure, there are industry events all the time. But we’ve never attended an event like Dattocon before. Everyone was so nice, helpful, and considerate. It didn’t matter if you were a sponsor or an attendee; the entire Datto staff provided everyone with the highest degree of care and attention we’ve ever experienced.

Maybe we don’t get out enough.

Maybe we need to broaden our horizons a bit.

Either way, we liked it, and we’re super bummed we have to wait an entire year to attend another Dattocon … which just so happens to be in our backyard.

So yeah, we’ll see you there. But if you don’t want to wait that long (because it’s an awkwardly long amount of time), then you can see us earlier. We’d love to show you around the world of IT marketing (mostly because we’re badasses).


Come see us.

We need more friends.


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