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5 Things People Hate About Your MSP Website

Annoying your MSP website visitors is probably not the best way to get them to call you about your services. Here’s a list of 5 things you want to avoid on your website:

1) Slow Loading Sliders

When getting a website designed, people love sliders. “They look cool,” they say! “They show multiple images in a single space,” they say! While although this is true, if the slider doesn’t load quick enough or redirects web visitors to an entirely different page, you’re going to lose their attention.

2) List Posts That Require People to Click Through Each Item

Articles that list items are popular. You know the ones I mean: “Top 10 Ways to” or “7 Things You Should Know About.” Those types of articles. People can easily glance through the list and read sections that interest them, which is ideal for online readers who are in a hurry. If you set up a list post that requires the website visitor to click an arrow to see the next item on your list, you may annoy people and send them navigating away from your website as quickly as they can click! Website visitors are scanners, not readers. Give them what they need at a glance or they’ll look for it elsewhere.

3) Pop-Up Ads Popping Up All Over the Place

Do you think you it’s a good idea to put pop-up ads on your MSP website to invite people to subscribe to your newsletter? Don’t do it! For every one visitor who puts their email in your little pop-up ad, you lose 100 visitors who leave your site in annoyance. Try slide-in call-to-actions, instead, or if you really must use a pop-up, use one as people are exiting your site instead of when they first get to it.

4) Navigation Menus So Complicated You Need a GPS to Get Around Your Site

Website visitors should understand exactly how to get from one page to the next on your site. Keep your navigation visible on every page and as simple as possible. All navigation menus should include a “Contact Us” type page, providing visitors a variety of methods to contact you. Don’t only use a contact form either, since some visitors will want to pick up the phone and call you immediately. Leaving that information off your site is a huge mistake and can cost you prospective clients.

5) You Have More Content Than War and Peace

MSP website visitors read about 28% of words on your page. If they get to your website and find you’ve written a novel, they may get overwhelmed and go off in search of a website with pictures and videos. Use content sparingly. Text should explain what you need to explain, but also be sure to include videos, infographics, and pictures as much as possible to engage your website visitors and boost conversion rates.


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