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3 Copywriting Tips from One-Punch Man

In the fictional Japanese metropolis of City Z, strange monsters and evil creatures appear out of nowhere and wreak havoc on innocent citizens.

Although the town is always under watch for deadly disasters and crime, the brave members of the Heroes Association are always there to restore peace with their unique crime-fighting abilities. And by unique, I mean really unique – there’s one guy who defeats monsters by swallowing them alive and another who fights in a full-body dog costume (their names are Pig God and Watchdog-man).

So how does any of this relate to copywriting you ask? Here are three copywriting tips learned from the heroes of One-Punch Man.

1. Get The Credit You Deserve


Saitama is the show’s main protagonist, and probably the most powerful member of the Heroes Association. He’s known for obliterating his opponents in one punch, and his strength is invincible. But aside from his immense power, he’s quite bland in appearance – his hero name is Caped Baldy – and his achievements are often left unacknowledged.

When it comes to defining and marketing your brand, don’t let your content be undermined. You may offer unbeatable IT solutions and services, but if your copy doesn’t reflect that, then you have no way of getting any credit for your talents. Effective copy should deliver your main message in one punch, be engaging to your audience, and include a straightforward call to action. Don’t let your unique attributes and skills go unnoticed due to bland copy – get the credit you deserve with great copy that converts.

2. Don’t Be Afraid To Get Up Close And Personal

Genos is a cyborg who later becomes Saitama’s diligent disciple. He takes his training so seriously that he moves in with Saitama completely unannounced and begs to become his apprentice.

When writing copy for your website, don’t be afraid to get a little up close and personal with your audience. People want to know who you are and not just what you do. It’s okay to take on a conversational tone or include things that reflect your personality or company culture. Copywriting doesn’t only have to be about the technical aspect of your services. Showcase your personality through your content so that your audience can remain engaged and ultimately be more inclined to reach out to you.

3. Always Be Honest With Your Audience

At first believed to be one of the most physically powerful heroes on the planet, King is actually just a normal human being who’s been accidentally credited for most of Saitama’s achievements. His fellow heroes often mistake his notoriously loud heartbeat for his great fighting spirit when, in reality, his heart beats whenever he gets scared.

Don’t be a deceptive coward like King when it comes to copywriting. Nobody likes false promises or fraudulent statements. Keep your copy as authentic and honest as possible so that your readers aren’t misled into believing you’re something that you’re not. Cut out the excess fluff and be sure to include a direct and user-friendly call to action so people know exactly what they’re in for.

These are just a few copywriting tips from the heroes of One-Punch Man. If you’re looking to amp up your marketing strategy with effective copy – whether it be for your website, whitepapers, eBooks, or email campaigns – our writers at TRIdigital have the wordsmithing powers to do just that.

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