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A Knockout Marketing Plan

If you’re living under a rock, or you don’t obsess over everything sports related, you might not be aware of the oh-so-epic event on the horizon. On August 26, 2017, quintuple world boxing champion Floyd Mayweather takes on featherweight Ultimate Fighting Champion, Conor McGregor in what has been dubbed the “Money Fight.”

While the fight itself is likely to be one of the highest grossing athletic events of all time, what’s almost as impressive is the media tour accompanying the event.

Have you checked out the press tour videos? I’ll give you a paraphrased recap of the trash talk:

McGregor: “You’re old. You’d never last in the octagon with me.”

Mayweather: “Whatever man. I made a lot of money on this fight.”

McGregor: “Perfect. Because it’s hard for people who can’t read to make money in real jobs.”

Mayweather: “Go back to Ireland, leprechaun.”

I’m not doing it justice, but the trash talking is next level marketing. I’m a sports fan, but I have to admit I’m not the most knowledgeable when it comes to boxing. This fight, however, has given me the opportunity to become a more well-rounded observer. What I’ve learned is, regardless of how Conor McGregor actually performs on the 26th, he is a total marketing guru. This UFC champ turned boxer has helped create one of the most anticipated events in the sport’s history.

So, what’s Conor doing to make this fight so exciting for boxing fans as well as people who’ve never before watched a match?

He’s entertaining

When have you seen a man wear a suit with the micro, repetitive text, “F$#@ you,” covering it? I’m guessing never before Conor McGregor donned it at first event of the Money Fight’s press tour. Fans are loving the outright hatred the fighters are showing each other. This suit ranks high on the list of Conor’s successful marketing tactics.

He’s relatable

Conor isn’t relatable in the “oh, I could be a UFC champ too,” kind of way. He’s relatable in the sense of “this guy has never competed in this arena, yet he’s becoming the guy you want to root for.” He’s the underdog. Boxing experts across the United States (and your coworkers who swear they know what’s going to happen) are widely calling for a Mayweather victory. But, until that happens, Conor is a hell of a lot of fun to watch.

He makes you reconsider what you think you know

Like I mentioned, we’re told Mayweather will win. But, have you seen or heard Conor talk about the fight?

He is so confident! We’ve seen his UFC fights. The man is undoubtedly a beast in the octagon. Could that transfer to the ring? His behavior on the media tour, coupled with Mayweather’s seeming lack of confidence at times, makes me wonder if we see a McGregor victory…

What’s this mean for your marketing strategy?

I think Conor’s use of this press tour has been phenomenal. He’s created a universally hyped event, set to break viewing records. What Conor has done, many have done before him and many will continue to do after. He keeps his appearances engaging. He interacts with the crowds. He feeds off their responses.

You can do that with your business. How?

Create opportunities for engagement with your customers. Listen to what they have to say about your product or service. Then, tailor your marketing strategy to address latent needs.

Remain relatable. It’s great to be an industry thought leader, but don’t elevate or isolate yourself to the point that you lose the perspective of your customers.

Get creative. Try new marketing methods. Don’t stick to the same tired routine. Consistently evaluate your marketing KPIs and research emerging trends your customers may find more appealing and engaging. August 26th will be an entertaining evening. Regardless of the outcome, Conor could make a great career as a marketing consultant.


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