How to use a zipped website

This walkthrough will give you a high level overview of how to install a zipped website. Depending on who you host with, the steps might be a little different.

1. Install a new instance of WordPress

2. Import the database

Go to phpMyAdmin underyour new install to open the sql database


Click on the database without ‘snapshot’ in the name.

Drop the tables

Before importing the database, the current database has to be emptied of its content. Click on “Check All’ to select all of the database tables, then from the drop down menu select ‘Drop.’

On the following screen confirm with a ‘Yes.’ All of the database tables will now disappear.

Import Database

Now that the tables are dropped, you are ready to import the database to phpMyAdmin. Click on the ‘Import’ tab in the menu. Next, click on ‘Choose File’ and select your database export file. Finally, click on ‘Go’ at the bottom of the page.

If successful, you will now see the new tables in the database.

3. Upload wp-content

FTP into your site and upload your wp-content folder, making sure to overwrite the existing wp-content folder.

4. Update database with new URL

Select ‘wp_options’ table

Go back to phpMyAdmin and find the corresponding database, the one not labeled snapshot. The database contains a set of tables which store a collection of values. Locate the ‘wp_options’ table and click on it.

Select ‘Siteurl’ option

The table contains a collection of options and values. Locate the option ‘siteurl’ and click on ‘edit’ in the row where you see the option.

Edit ‘Siteurl’ Option Value

Edit the ‘siteurl’ value to be that of your domain. Then click on ‘Go’ at the bottom of the page to save the changes.

Select ‘Home’ Option

Go back to the ‘wp_options’ table, locate the ‘home’ option, and click on ‘edit’ in the same row.

Edit ‘Home’ Option Value

Edit the ‘home’ value to be your domain as well. Then click on ‘Go’ at the bottom of the page to save the changes.

5. Change the password forthe user “multipage”

Also in phpMyAdmin should be a table called wp_users. Click edit on that to view the current users in your database. You should have a wpengine user and a multipage user. From there, click to edit the multipage user.

Edit ‘User_pass’ Option Value

From the “Function” dropdown of “user_pass”, select “MD5”. Then, enter your preferred password in the “Value” space.

6. Login to wordpress admin

You should now be able to navigate to [yourdomain].com/wp-admin to login to the back end of your site. Your username is “multipage” and your password is whatever you changed it to in the previous step.