Business Technology Predictions for 2015

Companies can no longer refuse to keep up with current technology trends and demands. We live in an in-demand, virtual world, and a business’s effort accommodate change will be the difference between success and distress.   The business technology predictions for 2015 affect both the in-demand consumer and business competing for a little face time. Here’s what’s probably going to happen this coming year:  
  • There better be an app for that
Any company who wants to be seen needs to have an app, or a mobile responsive website. Consumers are not as willing to sit down and surf the internet for goods and services; they will scroll and tap instead.  
  • Less software, more cloud
Laptops, mobile devices and smartphones are replacing desktops. Out with the desktop and its software, and in with remote connectivity and virtual data storage. Consumers and businesses are all saving online and demanding cloud-based apps. Users want to be connected at all times, from any location, and with any device they choose to use at any given moment. Frustration with software and document compatibility issues will drive more and more consumers and businesses to the cloud, not another software download.  
  • More streaming
Consumers and businesses are using more data than ever before. Entertainment, education and productivity are now streamed on various mobile devices, not televisions or desktops. Many internet connections and business sites are not equipped to handle the rapid growth of streaming traffic, which includes HD, 3D, interactive media and music.  
  • Virtual IT
IT staffs are being assisted by virtual IT departments. More businesses are embracing inexpensive virtual IT solutions for 24/7 monitoring, data backup, software upgrades, security, and business continuity, to allow their in-house IT teams to focus on improving efficiency and the user experience.  
  • Comprehensive privacy authentication
The data breaches of 2014 scared a majority of US consumers. No one feels their privacy is truly protected and their financial information is cared for properly. More businesses are using two-step authentication systems to ensure safety and reclaim consumer confidence.  
  • Collaborative software
Consumers, employees and business owners are getting more done in different places, with many devices, and with less time. They need software and services that can keep up. Remote access, and the expectation of, will soar in 2015. Collaboration will be done from home, coffee shops, airplanes, and other countries, not the boardroom.  
  • More internet and screen time
We are an internet society, and consumers expect internet access with their internet-enabled devices. Consumers want smarter devices to make work, school and home easier. Devices will become a part of every moment of the day, from operating the coffee pot in the morning to shutting off the television at night.     What do you think the business technology trends for 2015 will be? Share in the comments below!