Ingram micro & Lenovo Partner Enablement Program

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Details about the program

Ingram Micro and Lenovo are committed to the success of your business. To support that mission, we’re working with TRIdigital and Honey to provide our qualifying partners with personally branded and fully automated marketing campaigns, designed around five of your best-selling solutions in addition to one month of Lenovo specific content. You will receive a “white glove” experience where each campaign will be executed on your behalf, over the course of 6 months. The program includes:

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12 Designed Emails

2 branded, visually-driven emails a month to establish brand association and drive clicks to content

Email Design


6 Branded Collateral pieces

Tried-and-tested whitepapers and eBooks that explain solutions and generate interest in your brand

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Unlimited user access to Honey

Complete, zero restriction access to the full Honey CRM suite to run all of your sales and marketing activities through

Honey Access


12 Personal marketing plan emails

Plain-text emails that are written as one-to-ones to establish a more personal approach with prospects

landing pages

6 Branded landing pages

A branded landing page for each of your selected solutions that gives a complete overview of the solution

Branded Landing Pages
MQL List


MQL prospect list (up to 2k contacts)

Customized contact lists according to your requirements that you can begin marketing to immediately

What the execution of your marketing looks like

Step 1:

TRIdigital sources a marketing-qualified list according to your specifications

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Step 2:

Your first month will include co-branded Lenovo content. Then you select five additional solution categories, to which we’ll create branded campaign assets to include content, landing pages and emails to market those solutions.

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Step 3:

Your automated marketing begins at the cadence of one email per week

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Step 4:

With your unfettered access to Honey, you maintain complete visibility over the performance of your marketing, with the option to conduct your own follow ups and tasking in one central hub.

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Ready to Start
Generating Leads?

Please provide a primary contact to be added to Honey, this person should be able to respond or route lead activities or sales activities. Please provide name, email and phone number

What’s the priority of solutions/services you would like to market? Number 1 - 12. *Note: your priority will determine the month it will be sent out. Example: 1= Month 1 of your engagement. This cannot be changed once set. Lenovo content, plus your top five selections are what will be marketed through this program.

You will get 2 eBooks over the course of this program. One will be Lenovo based and the next will be your choice. Please list the solution name of the eBook you'd like created.

What are the top 10 industries you sell to, starting with the most important? (healthcare, construction, financial horizontal)

Would you like to add calling services to your campaign?

We will be asking you to set up DKIM to ensure the best possible email results. If you choose to not set up DKIM, your email results may be lower than average.

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