Ingram Micro & Trellix Partner Enablement Program

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Campaign Details

Ingram Micro and Trellix are committed to the success of your business. Through our partnership with TRIdigital and GlassHive, we provide a personally branded and automated marketing campaign designed to be executed over 3 months.

In this program you will receive:


6 Email Campaigns


6 Personal Marketing Plain Emails


3 Branded Collateral Pieces


3 Branded Landing Pages


Access to GlassHive Platform


MQL prospect list (up to 2k contacts)

Ready to Start Generating Leads?

Please provide a primary contact to be added to GlassHive, this person should be able to respond or route lead activities or sales activities. Please provide name, email and phone number.

What are the top 10 industries you sell to, starting with the most important? (healthcare, construction, financial, horizontal)

Would you like to add calling services to your campaign?

If you wish, Ingram Micro can help with follow-up support on leads generated through the program. If you choose to opt into this piece of the program, we will call all leads for you to talk through some qualifying questions, and try to set them up with a call with your team. If you will be calling out to leads on your own, please opt-out by leaving this section blank.

We will be asking you to set up DKIM to ensure the best possible email results. If you choose to not set up DKIM, your email results may be lower than average.

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