This campaign is aimed at a simple target audience: individuals and professional environments with outdated printing and scanning solutions.

This target audience will generally fall into a size range: home office and small office up to mid-market. The targeting will be horizontal with a specific focus on corporate environments.


In our marketing, we will start by introducing the deficiencies of dated technology. Instead of establishing this in terms of age, we will focus more on features, emphasizing modern-day office quality of life. Things like efficiency, cost-savings, reliability, and connectivity.

Visually, we will establish this by comparing cliche, old hardware against modern Brother products.



With our marketing, content and visuals, we will help potential buyers identify and critically assess their exiting solutions. Key differentiators that will lead to conversions are: efficiency, cost of operation, office connectivity and ease of use.

We will create an ideal office that prospects aim for. The modern office consists of modern technology that not only improves the quality and efficiency of work, but creates an impressive, higher quality of life around the office.


Concept 1

You can’t afford to be outdated

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Concept 2

Outdated is obvious

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This approach is focused on targeting a standard business owner. Oriented from a cost and value perspective, we will identify the business cases that indicate the need for a new printer/scanner solution.

It will speak primarily to C-level and office managers. Through the content and visuals, we will aid them in identifying the benefits of new technology and how it can improve their business. We will also introduce fear of appearing less professional because of the outdated printer.


The landing page will make use of a simple visual style backed by business outcome-oriented content to help drive value assessments of printing and scanning solutions.

Examples include: difficult/more expensive to maintain their printer, challenging to connect to, constant jams/technical errors, staff avoid using it when possible.

There will be simple animations to show technology transformation, from the old to new Brother solution. The animations will drive down the page where client use-cases and specific products can be pushed.


Concept 1


Flyer design will support two different goals: product information and features/benefits.

The content of the flyers will identify common printer shortcomings or failures and address them with Brother products or features.


The email design and copy will be simple and straightforward. For this concept, the subject line of the emails will be direct and business-focused.

The call to action will be one of two things: a direct link to the landing page or to a specific product.

When pushing specific products, we can have several CTAs



With this concept, we take a more humorous, satirical approach to generate attention and get our messaging across.

Instead of leading with hardware images, the designs will lead more with contrast-heavy photo manipulations. Example: in a meeting, everyone is using modern laptops while one person, who is dressed in 80s or 90s business attire, is using a laptop from that era.

The visuals and content are, initially, more attention-grabbing with the goal of getting eyes and generating interest. From there, we establish client profiles to help drive them toward specific printers to improve conversion rates.


The landing page opens with a simple, yet gripping header. The imagery and design is retro and comical, guiding the viewer down the page to learn more.

Throughout the page, we will use satire to show outdated things sticking out like sore thumbs as a type of visual metaphor. The content will become more specific below the fold, establishing that printers are often the last to be upgraded items.

From there, we talk about why printers need to be upgraded, establish key modern-day features, and establish client profiles to push specific printers based on use-case/business goals.


Concept 2


The flyers will follow a similar approach to the landing page. There will be a satirical, humorous title that then drives down into the products and benefits.

Much of the purpose will be to help identify common difficulties when using old printers and how new printers can eliminate those problems and improve general QoL around the office.


With this concept, the subject lines of emails can be more attention-grabbing and less precise. We continue to focus on humor to generate interaction, and the email will then establish quick benefits or considerations to drive toward clicks.

The email CTAs can go to the landing page or a specific product.