Art Director

Job Summary

To be an Art Director at aTRIdigital you need to have a keen eye and an unwavering instinct for consistent quality. You’ll be working alongside our clients while leading a group of creatives to design awesome pieces of marketing material that promote some of the most recognizable brands in the IT industry.

You’ll be the point-person translating customer thoughts into amazing visual marketing and ensuring that same strategy is carried on by your peers.

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We’re a group of creatives who spend a lot of time together, and we very much have a work hard, play hard attitude. Agency life being what it is, be ready to go beyond the 9 to 5. The flip side of that coin is that we like to blow off steam and find fun things we can do in and out of the office.

Who we’re looking for

We need a rad person who is excellent at working alongside fellow creatives. Being able to accept criticism gracefully is important, but understanding how to deliver constructive criticism to help your peers create the best end product possible is key.

This position is client-facing. Have outstanding interpersonal skills as well as being able to clearly and concisely communicate ideas is necessary. This includes handling tense situations where clients may be unhappy.

Besides that, being patient, hard-working, and down for a good time is always a plus.


  • Create and assemble images and graphics to produce designs for websites, email, print media, product design, displays, and productions
  • Work with the Channel Marketing Director and the Digital Marketing Director to ensure all material meets TRIdigital’s standards and vision
  • Design and communicate the client’s brand identity
  • Assist the project team in coming up with creative and innovative marketing solutions
  • Articulate your design concepts to the client with vigor and enthusiasm
  • Meet with channel vendors and collaborate with their internal marketing departments


  • 8+ years experience in graphics design
  • Knowledge in design principles, including layout, typography, color, balance, composition and current design trends – demonstration of these skills through delivery of a project portfolio of work, preferably delivered in a digital format
  • High level knowledge in design, web and print
  • Demonstrate a high level of proficiency in Designing Softwares such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Adobe XD
  • Experience in designing marketing materials for B2B (Business to Business)
  • Ability to function as a contributing team member and interact positively and openly with peers and other departments
  • Ability to recognize and attend to important details with accuracy and efficiency
  • Demonstrate strong problem solving, communication, organizational, and multi-tasking skills
  • Aptitude to work constructively under stress in a fast-paced environment
  • Ability to learn, take direction and handle critiques
  • Ability to lead small projects with a design team
  • Good written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to learn, take direction and handle critiques
  • Great customer service skills
  • Time Management Skills

Some great benefits of being a part of our team:

  • We love food, and often go out and eat or plan potlucks
  • Video games are a huge hobby for most of our team, so we regularly have lunch-time or after-work play sessions
  • Everybody talks to each other, so you don’t have to worry about being ruled over by an oppressive office silence.
  • We have a strict no-spoiler policy for popular movies and TV
  • We have a lot of collectors on staff, so expect to see quite the display of awesome statues, vinyls, figures and more
  • You’re not shackled to your desk. We have many alternative workspaces within the office to suit your needs

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