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3 IT Marketing Tips From Beauty And The Beast

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Can you believe that Beauty and the Beast was released in 1991?


That’s a whopping 23 years ago, and the movie is still widely known today for its catchy music, intriguing storyline, and unique characters.


… But what you may not realize is that several marketing tips can be learned from those traits.


Here are a few of my favorite IT marketing tips:



IT Marketing Tips #1: Do Something Unconventional


Let’s face it: Belle is a weirdo.


There’s no one else like her. She’s unique. She stands out… To the point that virtually everyone in her town knows her by name.


But wait. Isn’t that what YOU want for your company? Everyone to know it by name?


Of course, it is. Just like Belle, to get to that point, you HAVE to stand out. You won’t get any recognition for being just like everyone else.


You know what I mean – the typical boring IT website. With a dull list of services. And a boring logo.


Just plain boring.


Take some risks with your marketing. It IT, even a small marketing risk is substantial because there are so few IT companies doing it. So go ahead and take advantage of that fact!



IT Marketing Tips #2: Stay Curious


Another thing about Belle: she’s passionately curious!


She’s SO curious, in fact, that she always seems to have her nose in a book. She thrives when she’s learning and reading. She is her own person and is very confident and unashamed about her unmistakable nerdiness.


You should be as curious as Belle. As a business owner trying to market to a particular audience, you need to make a point to stay curious about that audience. What are their needs? Are those needs changing?


Not only should you stay curious about your audience – you need always to continue questioning your marketing in general. Best practices changed based on how people respond, so do your research and don’t be afraid to try out a new theory!



IT Marketing Tips #3: Keep Your Sense Of Humor


Enough about Belle. Let’s talk about a different character: Lumière.


If you think about it, he’s actually in a pretty messed up situation. He’s been turned into a candlestick, and it someone ELSE’S fault. (Remember, the man who eventually turned into the Beast got all of his servants turned into household objects when he was cursed due to his unkindness and unwillingness to help a beggar woman)


Pretty dark, right?


But, in spite of his situation, Lumière keeps his sense of humor. He’s got a big personality. He doesn’t focus on the negative.


When you’re marketing your company, it’s so important to keep your sense of humor too, just like Lumière. You should inject it into your marketing materials if at all possible – don’t be afraid to give it a try!


Showing your personality will help you attract the RIGHT clients. The ones you WANT to work with… not the ones you HAVE to work with.


Plus, you’ll attract more people in general. Everyone wants to work with someone they find relatable. You won’t come across as relatable with technical, robot-like website content.



Can you think of any other IT marketing tips that can be learned from Beauty and the Beast? Let us know in the comments below!





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